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Katy Mackenzie

I am an award-winning Mortgage Broker with over two decades of industry experience. I am committed to finding the best mortgage options for my clients. I am passionate about helping people achieve their dream of homeownership & am known for my fun & easy approach to the mortgage process.

Elan Bertles

Our behind-the-scenes superhero. She may not be on the front lines, but keeps everything running smoothly. She's always positive, even in the most chaotic situations. On top of that, she's a talented actor & enneagram enthusiast who can help understand personalities & motivations. Her passion for making everything perfect & organized is the key for our team to run successfully.

Juno Mackenzie

Meet Juno, our four-legged team member. He may be small in size but he's big on personality. He loves long walks, chasing small rodents & of course, treats! Juno's enthusiasm and friendly nature make him a valuable asset to our team. He's always there to lend a wagging tail & a friendly face. Next time you see him, make sure to give him a pat on the head and a treat!