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Great mortgage advice is about you
Your hopes. Dreams. Aspirations. Choose wisely.
An independent Mortgage Professional knows it's personal. You are not a number. Not a mark. Not someone to be fooled by teasers and false promises. You are a human being with dreams, goals and needs. Independent advice is designed to address these needs. I'm Katy Mackenzie and I'd love to work with you!
  • Save Time & Money
    Who doesn't want that? I'm your personal shopper for your mortgage. I will find the product that best fits your needs and goals at the best price. Truly independent & objective mortgage advice. Your bank can't say that.
  • Experience & Education
    Any mortgage broker can do that, why Katy? I have 20 years lending experience both in the bank and broker world. This along with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and Personal Financial Planning designation allows me to look at your financing not as just a product but a piece of your overall financial plan to better advise you.
  • Professional Network
    Want to work with the best of the best? Of course you do but most top tier real estate professionals have a full client base & only work on referrals. I can get you the referral to the professional you are looking for.
Why Use My Services?
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What mortgage do you need?
New home, rental or vacation property? I will shop all available lenders to recommend the right offering for you are the best price.
Mortgage up for renewal or considering your options early? I will review your current lender offering, compare it to other lender offerings and recommend the best options.
Consolidating debt, renovating or looking into a reverse mortgage? I will review and recommend best possible options at the best price.
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