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Life is complicated. Getting a mortgage shouldn't be.
As an independent Mortgage Broker I save you time and money by shopping mortgage solutions tailored to your immediate needs and long term goals. I work for you, not the bank. I have 22 years lending experience backed by a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Personal Financial Planning & Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist designations. TMG The Mortgage Group is an award winning, independent & locally owned brokerage, recognized for a 32 year history and billions in closed business. We have a solution for your mortgage need! But it's not all about mortgages... I was born & raised in Vancouver and love spending time with my family in nature, capturing photos of this beautiful city and playing tennis, riding my bike or running. Great mortgage advice is about you. Your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Choose wisely because it's more than just a mortgage!

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  • Save Time & Money
    I shop your mortgage for you. I can choose from multiple lender options & negotiate best rates.
  • Experience & Education
    Both enable me to ensure a smooth & efficient process for less stress. We all need less stress.
  • Independent & Objective
    This is only available with a Mortgage Broker. I work for you, not the bank.
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As you buying a new home, rental or vacation property? I ease stress by shopping your mortgage for you with multiple lenders to get the right solution at the best price.
Is your mortgage maturing? Do you want to early renew to take advantage of a lower rate? I can review the current lender offering against other lenders to recommend the best option for you.
Are you consolidating debt, renovating or looking into a reverse mortgage? Yes, I can do that too! I can offer a full suite of lending options for all circumstances.
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Mortgage Rates
Seen a lower rate? Did you read the fine print? That rate may have restrictive terms or not be available to you based on your application. Ask me to review it for you.
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