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7 questions to ask a property manager
Property management is a word you will be familiar with but do you really know what they do and how they add value? We took the guesswork out of this for you and spoke with Casandra...
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5 ways to increase your credit score
5 ways to increase your credit score …and why that’s important to your mortgage application 1) Check it regularlyObtain your credit report so you know your score and what is on it. Ensure that any...
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Does your mortgage broker ask for too many documents?
Why does my mortgage broker want so many documents? We don’t. Why does the mortgage lender want so many documents? They don’t. Then why am I being asked for so many documents? Short answer: OSFI. ...
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Mortgage Renewal? Don't sign on that dotted line.
Is your current mortgage still competitive? Has there been a change in your job or your family situation? Are you up-to-date on what the market is doing with regard to interest rates? It’s always a...
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