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Mortgage consumers benefit from professional guidance and support: CMHC
The homebuying process can be overwhelming for anybody, but even more so for first-time homebuyers. But whether for a first-time home purchase or a second or third, all homebuyers benefit from...
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The Power of Presale: Real Estate Advantage
It’s my pleasure today to introduce Alaina Burnett, Realtor at Oakwyn Realty Downtown Vancouver.Born & raised in Vancouver herself her family has called this beautiful city for over 125 years. She...
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Top 5 Misconceptions in Today’s Mortgage Industry
In this video, Kelly Hale & I discuss the top 5 misconceptions that people have about the mortgage industry. We will debunk common myths and provide you with valuable insights to make informed...
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Renovations That Add Value to Your Home
It’s my pleasure today to introduce Shayne Letford, Partner at the award wining General Contractor & Custom Home Builder Team at Lower Coast Building Group.Known for their diverse range of...
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