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Federal Budget 2021 - Housing Policy Highlights
The federal government unveiled its highly anticipated budget today, which didn’t include any substantive measures aimed at cooling the much talked about heated housing market, as some had...
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Recreational Properties Likely to See Continued Demand & Price Growth in 2021
For the past year, soaring home prices and a desire for more space have sent homebuyers flocking beyond the suburbs and into beautiful cottage country.It’s a trend that is playing out right across the...
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Why Real Estate Prices Are Soaring & What To Expect Next
Several housing reports have been released over the last couple of weeks, and they all tell the same story: house prices are soaring.Records are being broken on a monthly basis, seemingly with no end...
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Fixed Mortgage Rates Rise & Effective Variable Rates Fall
Over the past two weeks, dozens of lenders have hiked rates, including the Big 6 banks. Increases have ranged anywhere from 0.20% to 0.30%.The big question on the minds of borrowers is whether this...
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