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Why Hire A Professional Mover?
Why Hire A Professional Mover? We went straight to the source and asked this question to George Davis, Owner & Operator of Power Movers. He shares with us some of his top reasons and things you...
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How To Fire Your Realtor
Say what?! No one wants to have to fire their realtor and the best way around this is by building a strong relationship with them from the beginning so you don't have to. Bronwyn Bertles, Realtor...
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What mortgage terms do I need to know?
Buying a home is a huge investment and learning the mortgage language can be daunting. A recent survey conducted by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, and the Bank of Canada in 2019 suggested...
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Pay down my mortgage or contribute to my RRSP?
We ask this age-old question to D’Arcy Larmour, Certified Financial Planner with Royal Bank. We chat about some of the items one should consider when looking to make this decision including your...
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