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House Price Growth to Moderate but Remain Elevated This Year, Says CMHC
Despite rising interest rates, Canada’s national housing agency says it expects the pace of growth for both home sales and prices to remain elevated this year.However, it does see the pace of growth...
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What to know about buying a vacation property
Over the course of the pandemic, the desire for more space and a place to just hunker down surged.For some, that place was a cottage or other type of recreational property.Fast-forward to today and in...
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The Importance of Personal Insurance
Home owner or looking to purchase a home? Looking to protect or grow your wealth? This video is for you!We chat with Jake Lee, a certified Financial Planner with IG Wealth Management, about the...
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Prime Rate Rises to 3.20% Following Bank of Canada Rate Hike
The Bank delivered an expected 50-basis-point hike to its benchmark rate. Within hours, the Big 5 banks announced a similar increase to their prime rates, which are the basis for pricing variable-rate...
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