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Reverse Mortgage Popularity
Putting mort back in mortgage! Reverse mortgages are popular. Why?Some can't qualify for a standard mortgage because of the stress test.Some want to stay in their homes longer but costs rise, income...
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Top Mortgage Pre-Approval Questions Answered
What are the top mortgage pre-approval questions you should be asking your mortgage broker or banker?I had the pleasure of being invited back on theKelly Hale Real Estate Podcastwhere we discuss...
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Six Mortgage Features to Consider
Real estate continues to be a hot commodity in most parts of the country, despite the many changes we’ve gone through over the last few years. Prices in some areas are up and listings are in short...
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The stress test. What is it really all about?
Do you know what the stress test is? How it impacts you specifically?If you don't or are making any assumptions about it then this is for you!I had the pleasure of being invited back on theKelly Hale...
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