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What’s in the Federal Budget for Homebuyers?
The federal government has earmarked more than $10 billion in new spending for housing-related initiatives, much of which is focused on increasing supply.Overall, the federal budget includes $56...
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Is now a good time to refinance your mortgage?
The big news in the mortgage world these days has been the steady increase in fixed mortgage rates.Since the start of the year, fixed rates have risen approximately one percentage point, or 100 basis...
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Access home equity with a reverse mortgage
Looking to access your home equity? High net worth but not qualifying for a mortgage?This video on reverse mortgages is for you! It's also for Financial Advisors & Realtors looking to build a...
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What Factors Could Impact Canada’s Housing Market Going Forward?
Just as the pandemic-era uncertainties are finally starting to diminish, Canada’s housing market is facing a new set of risks.Soaring inflation and additional Bank of Canada rate hikes are certainly...
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