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Presale contracts. Can you get a mortgage?
Who do you know that has purchased a presale contract closing in 2019? This is someone who has an accepted offer to purchase real estate closing at a time usually longer than a year away and thus far...
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Meet Katy Mackenzie, Vancouver Mortgage Broker
If I can introduce you to a trusted Mortgage Broker that will save you time and money would that be of interest to you?Then let me introduce myself. I'm Katy Mackenzie, Mortgage Broker with TMG The...
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The future of real estate
The future of real estate We all want to know where real estate is heading in 2019.What will real estate prices do? Will mortgage rates go up? Will there be more lending rule...
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New mortgage rules for HELOC holders
Do you have a home equity line of credit, otherwise known as a HELOC? Last week some of the big five changed their lending guidelines on how we calculate the payments on these when applying for a...
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