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Hot Topics with David Watts, Notary Public
It’s my pleasure today to introduce David Watts, Notary & Owner of David Watts Notary Public.He & his award winning team offer services for real estate transactions, financial planning...
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Do mortgages vanish when people pass away?
The short answer is no. It may seem like a morbid thought, but the fact is, for most people, their mortgage is the largest debt they’ll carry in their lifetimes. As a result, many...
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Financial Planning Made Easy
It’s my pleasure today to introduce Alison Setton, Mutual Fund Representative at WFG securities Inc., Insurance Agent at World Financial Group, and Financial Educator at How Money Works.Alison...
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Value of a Home Inspection
It’s my pleasure today to introduce Victoria Ballantine, Home Inspector & Owner of Allegiant Inspections.With over 25 years in the construction industry Victoria is well aware that small fixes now...
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