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Be prepared when it comes to mortgage closing costs
When new homebuyers are shopping for their first home, they tend to focus on the number one expense: the down payment.But there’s a myriad of additional costs, all of which can add up and potentially...
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Your Mortgage Renewal Questions Answered
Many homeowners dread mortgage renewal time, especially when interest rates are rising as they are today.It means you’ll likely be resetting your mortgage at a higher rate, with higher monthly...
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Breaking down the Bank of Canada’s latest rate hike
Variable-rate mortgage holders with fixed payments, don’t have to worry about fluctuations in their monthlymortgage payments. Instead of your payment increasing, the amount of money going towards...
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Bank of Canada Raises Rate by 50 bps
As expected, the Bank of Canada has raised its key lending rate by 50 basis points, bringing it to 1.50%.In its statement accompanying the decision, the Bank said, “the risk of elevated inflation...
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