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Harper has pledged to increase the maximum you can withdraw from your registered retirement savings plan to buy a home. One article is here. I’m writing to everyone that doesn’t have one and is thinking ‘so freaking what?’.

Lets put paying down debt aside for another post. Here are 9 strategies to free up cash flow and save for your down payment.

Cancel your cable

Hold the phone! I didn’t say internet. My savings $160/mo.

Enroll in a car share

Car2Go people. Need more room, EVO. My savings $125/mo.

Drink great coffee

Buy a machine and make it at home. My savings $100/mo.

Eat dinner at home

Service at restaurants sucks and with no cable you can learn to cook! My savings $400/mo.

Pack a lunch

And get more work done over your lunch hour! My savings $325/mo.

Use the library

The what?  Books and magazines and great people watching. My savings $50/mo.

Find an Advisor

Your local bank has them and they are accredited. They will invest your new found cash flow. My savings $85/mo.

Write down everything you spend

Try it. You spend less guaranteed. My value: priceless.

Total savings is about $15,000 over the year.

Invested with your Advisor you are well on your way with just these 9 things. The question is: are you willing to make the change to get what you want or are you going to continue to hide behind the statement of "It's too expensive to live in Vancouver"?

Tell me what works for you and what doesn't.  Share your story so others can be inspired!