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What is most important to you in regard to your mortgage?

It’s an important question but one most don’t know how to answer.  Most people say it's the rate.

Still confused how to answer?  Let me get you started by sharing My top four things:

  • Prepayment Ability - My income ebbs & flows and there are times in the year when I want to prepay my mortgage without penalty.
  • Payment Flexibility - My biweekly mortgage payment over a monthly payment reduces my amortization from 25 years to 21.6 years.
  • Portability - I want to upgrade to a larger home in the next few years but I’ll be mid term.  I can take my mortgage with me and avoid a penalty.
  • Advice - I want to work with a mortgage professional that contacts me regularly.  Someone that understands the full Financial Planning process.  How my home and mortgage impact the other pillars of my plan to make recommendations for improvement to help me achieve my goals.

This week I challenge you to think of Your four. Consider the value of the other factors and the value of working with a Mortgage Professional.  Share them with me anytime!