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Alternative Lenders Go Mainstream
For some, getting a mortgage from a bank has become more challenging. If you can not qualify using the new 'stress 'test' benchmark rate then you may have already been declined by your local bank....
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A Groundhog Predicts The Future of Real Estate
Punxsutawney Phil climbed out of his hole and saw his shadow. This means six more weeks of winter. Does this also predict what will happen in real estate? YES! Read more here.
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Why Your Personal Planning Documents Need To Be Current
Your personal planning should always include a will, power of attorney and representation agreement. Leonard Atwood shares with us in this weeks I Love Vancouver Real Estate podcast why they are so...
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BC HOME Partnership Loan FAQs
The BC HOME Partnership Program is now available! Still don't understand & want to know more? On this weeks episode of I Love Vancouver Real Estate Erica Ma from First National & I discuss the...
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