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Prepay My Mortgage or Contribute to My RRSP?
Should I pay down my mortgage or contribute to my RRSP? Without a crystal ball I can’t answer this question for you. What I can do is detail what happens in each circumstance and hopefully this leads...
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Blending Substance & Style with Kendall Ansell Interiors
Heading to the BC Home & Garden show next week? Then you won’t want to miss this week’s I Love Vancouver Real Estate podcast with Kendall Ansell Interiors. We chat with Kendall & Sonia about...
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Alternative Lenders Go Mainstream
For some, getting a mortgage from a bank has become more challenging. If you can not qualify using the new 'stress 'test' benchmark rate then you may have already been declined by your local bank....
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A Groundhog Predicts The Future of Real Estate
Punxsutawney Phil climbed out of his hole and saw his shadow. This means six more weeks of winter. Does this also predict what will happen in real estate? YES! Read more here.
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